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Licensed Master of the Psychic Arts. 1 Minute from the Las Vegas strip



Fees are $25.00 and up.

$25.00 is a basic reading which is the only reading that has a time element on it. This being a 5 to 10 min reading of any of our four readings we offer

Palm: Tarot Cards: Ancient Runes: Crystal ball:

A "Full" reading is $75.00 and there is NO time element on the "Full" readings.

And two "Full" readings are two for $100 (Per person)

Any three "Full" readings are $150.00 (Per person)

Or all four "Full" readings are $200.00 (Per person)

Palm-tells you about Past, Present, and Future.

Tarot cards- tells you about relationships, people, places and things.

Crystal Ball- tells Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Dream interpretations, and also helps you tune into any Psychic abilities you might think you have.

Ancient runes - tells you about dates. times , places, and warnings. They are specifically about the person I am reading, But..if this person chooses to they may name a person, give me their date of birth, and the runes will give them all info on the person they asked about. (It is always helpful if you have a picture/item belonging to this person at time of reading)

Thus this is the reason people may choose to have more then one area and or topic in their readings done for them.

Friends are welcome to listen in on any readings "If" the client choose this. Keep in mind that I DO NOT sugar coat readings and tell people what they want to hear. I tell them what I see good or bad. A lot of people want their readings to be private and confidential, so having someone listen in on their readings is totally up to the person.

Appts are ALWAYS preferred so please call and make an appointment it is best for the client as well as the reader in all cases. But walk-ins are always welcome.

We also offer gift certificate's.